Look for us at the Bike Rodeo

May 6, 2024/by EPolsom

Capsize the Canoe Spring Food Drive

April 16, 2024/by Aden Lionas

Wednesday, February 28th is Pink Shirt Day 2024

February 26, 2024/by EPolsom

North Cowichan Active Transportation Overpass

February 14, 2024/by EPolsom

RCMP Appreciation Day February 1

January 31, 2024/by EPolsom


December 27, 2023/by Aden Lionas

Artificial Intelligence or “AI” Phone Scams

December 19, 2023/by Aden Lionas

Successful Christmas Capsize the Canoe Food Drive

December 19, 2023/by Aden Lionas

Cyber Security & Business Insurance Options

December 19, 2023/by Aden Lionas


December 19, 2023/by Aden Lionas

Five W’s Of Crime Reporting, How to Be a Good Witness, How to Report a Crime

December 19, 2023/by Aden Lionas

Auto Theft Prevention May 2023

December 19, 2023/by Aden Lionas

Does your business use cameras/surveillance video?

December 19, 2023/by Aden Lionas

Suspicious Duncan Fire & Fraud Alerts

December 19, 2023/by Aden Lionas

Holiday Security Tips & Scams

December 19, 2023/by Aden Lionas

Christmas Capsize Food Drive December 15 11am-3pm

November 30, 2023/by Aden Lionas

Cram the Cruiser Toy Drive December 9

November 22, 2023/by Aden Lionas

Cst. Frederick (Rick) O’Brien Regimental Funeral October 4, 2023.

October 4, 2023/by EPolsom

Sisters in Spirit Day October 4, 2023

October 4, 2023/by EPolsom

Coffee with a Cop! October 10th 2023

October 4, 2023/by EPolsom

Truth and Reconciliation Day Events 2023

September 29, 2023/by Aden Lionas

RCMP Info Session with Indigenous Recruiters! Sept. 28 12-4pm

September 15, 2023/by Aden Lionas

Capsize the Canoe September 19, 2023

September 7, 2023/by Aden Lionas

Bike 529 Program

September 1, 2023/by EPolsom

International Overdose Awareness Day August 31 – Walk at Crofton Sea Walk

August 30, 2023/by Aden Lionas

Summer impaired driving campaign

July 8, 2023/by EPolsom

Happy Canada Day!

June 30, 2023/by EPolsom

Speed Watch Volunteer Training May 26, 2023

May 15, 2023/by EPolsom

Cowichan Valley Locals Kayla Carlson & Wes Richens take on Tour de Rock

May 10, 2023/by EPolsom

Volunteers Are The Heart of Community Policing

April 18, 2023/by EPolsom

Speed Watch Volunteers Wanted

April 11, 2023/by EPolsom

How Scammers Likely Used Artificial Intelligence to Con Newfoundland Seniors out of $200k

March 23, 2023/by EPolsom

Mounties Want to Hear From You!

March 7, 2023/by EPolsom

RCMP Youth Camp is Back & Seeking Applicants

March 7, 2023/by EPolsom

Pony Rides by Donation Fundraiser

March 2, 2023/by EPolsom

New Street-Level Chemainus Office Location

February 21, 2023/by EPolsom

Speed Training Volunteer With Us

February 15, 2023/by CCPES

Capsize the Canoe Food Drive

November 23, 2022/by CCPES

Pedestrian Road Safety Tips

November 3, 2022/by CCPES

June 21st is National Indigeneous Peoples Day

June 21, 2022/by CCPES

Break The Silence Prevention of Violence Against Women

April 14, 2022/by CCPES


February 23, 2022/by CCPES

The Mounties want to hear from you…!

February 21, 2022/by CCPES

What’s Your Safety Letter to Santa Saying?

December 24, 2021/by CCPES

We are Hiring – Assistant Co-ordinator NC/Duncan Area

August 4, 2021/by CCPES

Structure Fire 2900 Block Boys Road Duncan

July 14, 2021/by CCPES

Every Child Matters…

May 31, 2021/by CCPES

Don’t Push Your Luck Stay Focused

March 17, 2021/by CCPES

Be A Safe Pedestrian

October 16, 2020/by CCPES

FREE Daily Friendly Phone Call for Seniors

May 7, 2020/by CCPES


May 6, 2020/by CCPES

Flattening the Curve

April 6, 2020/by CCPES

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

March 16, 2020/by CCPES

Fraud Recognize It! Reject It! Report It!

March 4, 2020/by CCPES

Anti Bullying Awareness

February 11, 2020/by CCPES

Save on Insurance Join Block Watch In Your Area

January 30, 2020/by CCPES

November 11th – We Remember

November 6, 2019/by CCPES

School Bus Safety Tips – Are You Paying Attention…?

November 1, 2019/by CCPES

Beach Time – Boating – Drinking & Driving

June 21, 2019/by CCPES

Fire Safety – Fire Smart – Education

June 21, 2019/by CCPES

Do You Have A Block Watch…?

June 7, 2019/by CCPES


May 24, 2019/by CCPES

Plan a SAFE RIDE Home…!

December 2, 2016/by CCPES

Whether You’re Walking or Driving Safety is Up to All of Us

October 20, 2016/by CCPES

Look, Listen and Be Seen

October 18, 2016/by CCPES

ICBC Shift into Winter Safety Driver

October 3, 2016/by CCPES

Know how to recognize a scam

April 21, 2016/by CCPES

Cowichan Valley Emergency Preparedness Workbook

March 29, 2016/by CCPES

Changing Road Conditions . . .

October 22, 2015/by CCPES

Emergency Responders and Your Home

September 24, 2015/by CCPES

Thank you Cowichan Firefighters, our true Community Heroes!

September 14, 2015/by CCPES

Homeowners FireSmart Manual

August 21, 2015/by CCPES

Road Safety – Vehicle Types

June 11, 2015/by CCPES