Safer Roads Start With Me is a program geared towards providing awareness within our community. With many residents and families over the years expressing concerns around “Road Safety” from lack of visibility of children and adults walking the roads between dusk and dawn, to the speeding on side roads while children are walking home from school.

We also have many families that would like to feel safe to go on an afternoon stroll with their children or ride a bike around the block without feeling like your at risk of being hit by:

  • a vehicle that is traveling an unsafe speed
  • a distracted driver who maybe distracted on their cell phone
  • or changing the radio station and not looking at the road
  • not making eye contact with a pedestrian as they are crossing the road
  • pedestrians not making contact with drivers when crossing the road

This is where the campaign began. A group of residents in the Cowichan Valley with the South Cowichan Community Policing staff and Directors met to with the Ministry of Transportation and the RCMP to look at creating safer roads, safer streets and safer communities.

If you have ideas of how to create safety on the roads in our community please let us know.  If you want to be a part of this contact us about volunteering with Speed Watch or Road Safety Programs.

Safety does happen by accident – we all have to do our part.