What is the bike 529 program?

“In 2011, my bike was stolen. Rather than accepting this as the cost of living in the city, I chose to take action. I put the word out to my mountain bike team and, within an hour, the news had reached more than 9,700 cyclists. Thirty days later, a friend of a friend of a friend notified me that my bike was on eBay along with a dozen laptops, a handful of $500 Home Depot gift cards and some expensive photography equipment.

With the help of the Seattle Police Department, I got my bike back. But without my network and a lot of luck, it never would have happened.

There had to be a better way.

So, in 2013, we set out to create a sustainable program that helps reduce bike theft, promotes cycling, and makes cities and campuses more bike-friendly. The result is the 529 Garage.

Our strategy is simple – galvanize riders, shops, police, schools and cities around the globe with a common set of tools that allow communities to become better organized than the criminals. Cities that we have joined forces with have seen meaningful, double-digit results in the first two years.

We are a purpose, not profit-driven company, motivated to make a meaningful dent in this epidemic and to keep you riding. Join us on our quest by registering your bike and getting your community signed up with our program.” – J Allard | Founder, Project 529.

What’s a shield and how do I get one?

A shield is an optional, tamper-resistant/weather-resistant* decal that has a unique, seven character ID code which adds an extra identifier and layer of protection for your bike. The shield sends a warning to bike thieves to back off because there will be a whole community of people who get notified if it ever goes missing.

In the event of a theft and law enforcement or an unknowing buyer finds a shield on your bike, they’ll be able to look your bike up on the 529 Garage and quickly get your bike back to you.

Shields are available for purchase through some participating partner agencies and local bike shops. Find a partner near you.
(NC/Duncan Community Policing offers these shields, please stop by to obtain one).
The NC/Duncan Community Policing Office is located at 2628 Beverly St #5, Duncan, BC V9L 5C7.
Open 10:00am – 4:00pm Monday-Friday.

Or purchase online at Amazon.caAmazon.com or Walmart.com

Tamper-resistant means that once your shield is placed, it is very difficult not only to remove, but difficult to remove without leaving obvious signs of tampering. Weather-resistant means that the shield will stand up to the wear and tear of environmental elements.

What if I’m already registered?

So you’ve created an account on Bike 529 via the website or mobile app.

After entering all of the necessary information, you have completed the registration of your bike, but there is one more step to complete…

Visit the NC/Duncan Community Policing Office Monday, Tuesday, or Friday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm to obtain a Bike 529 registration sticker and number. This number gets added to Bike 529 via your account as a bicycle registration number which has also been previously registered with NC/Duncan RCMP.

It is important to note that all offices are subject to closing during statutory holidays, severe weather, community engagement events, and any other unforeseen circumstances. If you are unsure, please call ahead.