Purpose of Business Watch

  • To prevent crime from taking place in and around our businesses.
  • To increase communication and the sense of community between local business owners.

Business Watch is a RCMP supported crime prevention program which utilizes a network of business owners to get community updates out efficiently.

Business Watch is a collaborative program with business owners, community policing, and the RCMP working together to protect our local businesses from crime and mischief.

Business Watch Participants Sign Ups

Why become a member?

There are many benefits for having your business participate in the Business Watch program. Members of the program will have access to Community Policing’s staff who are trained in the police reporting process, crime prevention education, and a network of other active business owners trying to make a change.

Are you ready to become a Business Watch Participant?

  • To be committed to deter crime in the area and surrounding businesses.
  • To be a team player and communicate concerns with other businesses.
  • To be committed to alerting other businesses of crime and theft quickly.

Do you own or manage a business?

Are you concerned with crime at your business or the surrounding area?

Would you like to help protect your own or other’s businesses?

Are you ready to become actively involved in reducing crime in the business community?

If so, we would like to have you as a Business Watch participant!

Community Safety Initiative

Why does Business Watch work?

Business Watch is an effective program because offenders look for easy targets to steal from or vandalize. A network that communicates efficiently makes it significantly harder for an individual to commit a crime or to repeat the same crime in the community. Business Watch combines an efficient network with Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design or CPTED principles. This combination makes our participating businesses a harder target and makes an offender more likely to be caught, which reduces attempted crime.

Business Watch is also supported by the RCMP and increases efficiency in contacting the North Cowichan/Duncan RCMP with concerns surrounding crime and mischief in the area.

Business Watch Application

This application form must be filled out to join the Business Watch program ran in collaboration with Cowichan Community Policing & Engagement Society and the North Cowichan/Duncan RCMP. Upon joining Business Watch, you will be agreeing to:

  • Receive updates on crime concerns in the Cowichan Valley and Duncan areas and passing on concerns you have to Community Policing and the RCMP.
  • Receive crime prevention material made for Business Watch from Cowichan Community Policing & Engagement Society.
  • Join a network of business owners with similar concerns and creating a sense of community between business owners.
  • Be committed to reducing and preventing crime and crime opportunity in the business community and business.

Call Bylaws For non-emergency drug-related or loitering concerns, please attempt to contact bylaw services before the RCMP.

if you have concerns with:

  • “Squatting
  • Panhandling
  • Noise
  • Garbage
  • Grafitti
  • Temporary Shelters
  • Loitering” (Duncan/North Cowichan Bylaw Services)

North Cowichan Bylaw Services: 7030 Trans-Canada Highway,
Duncan, BC, V9L 6A1,
Phone: 250-746-3108

Duncan/North Cowichan RCMP: 6060 Canada Avenue,
Phone: 250-748-5522

Duncan Bylaw Services: 200 Craig St.,
Duncan, BC, V9L 1W3,
Phone: 250-746-6126

Business Watch Crime Prevention Tips

Crime prevention is most effective when it is a community-wide effort. The more eyes and ears on our community, the less opportunity individuals have to commit crime.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

One of the main ways that businesses can protect themselves from crime is by using Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design techniques. These techniques focus on making crime harder to commit which reduces the offenders chance of committing crime. Some CPTED tips to consider for your business are:

  • Using Deadbolt locks on all doors
  • Having a visible alarm system
  • Have a CCTV or Security Camera system which is visible
  • Leaving an interior light on at night
  • Leaving an exterior on at night if possible
  • Upkeep your business and remove graffiti
  • Keep small amounts of cash in store and put up a sign stating so
  • Put up mirrors in your business to see around corners or areas currently blocked by product

For further information on Business Watch, come by our Duncan office at #5 2628 Beverly St (beside Seaside computers), or email ccpes@shaw.ca or ccpes.chemainus@shaw.ca. Also, submit an application using our online form above to be contacted by our staff in regards to joining our Business Watch program! For further information on crime prevention and how you can protect your business, please read the information below.

Business Watch Crime Prevention Tips

Proactive Crime Prevention Techniques 

  • Train staff on how tell if cash is counterfeit
  • Give active customer service and check in on each customer periodically
  • Ask customers to remove sunglasses and jacket hoods upon entry

Stay up to date on the latest crime prevention tips, crime news, safety tips, current business scams/frauds, and so much more with our Business Watch blog

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