CounterAttack is a police-run roadblock tactic that catches drug and alcohol impaired drivers, and helps reduce injuries and fatalities. CounterAttack campaigns have been run in B.C. for over 35 years, and typically take place during July and December. A major part of CounterAttack is getting the message out that B.C.’s impaired driving laws are tough, impose harsh penalties on impaired drivers and make it likely impaired drivers will be identified and removed from B.C.’s roads.

Serving Alcohol?

It’s important to know the responsibilities that go along with serving alcohol – you have a personal and legal responsibility for the well-being of your guests. The Insurance Corporation of BC’s Special Occasion Permit Kit helps spread the CounterAttack message at events where alcohol is served. Posters, banners, brochures, tent cards and more are available for your event to remind everyone of the dangers of impaired driving.