Look, Listen and Be Seen


ICBC is launching a new education campaign across the province to help keep pedestrians safe this fall and winter when crashes involving pedestrians increase significantly in B.C.

be safe be seen visible safetyOn average, 76 per cent more pedestrians are injured in crashes from November to January every year when conditions are dark and weather is poor compared to June to August in B.C.*

ICBC is partnering with TransLink, Transit Police and BC Transit with new advertising featured on SkyTrains and in buses across B.C. to reach pedestrians on transit.

ICBC and community policing volunteers throughout B.C. will also be handing out pedestrian safety reflectors and tips at events throughout the province to help educate pedestrians about the importance of being visible to drivers in dark, fall conditions.

In a new ICBC survey, 76 per cent of drivers and 83 per cent of pedestrians stated they’re concerned about hitting a pedestrian or being hit by a driver in an intersection. Yet, on average, 75 per cent of crashes with pedestrians still occur at intersections in B.C.